Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Furry Family

These are the furry members of the family. Our home comes with the guarantee that you will leave with cat or dog hair showing.

In the center is Skitter Kitten. The only person in the family she likes is youngest son. He got her last year for his birthday (our old cat, Angel, had died the month before and our old sheltie, Angus, had died the week before). We took Scooby with us to the shelter to get the sheltie seal of approval. Skitter Kitten nuzzled the dog. We should have noticed that she didn't nuzzle us.

Going clockwise, at 12 o'clock is Scooby. She is 8 and was from a sheltie rescue group. We have had her 4 years and she has almost recovered from the trauma of her previous family. She is a great guard dog.

At 3 o'clock is Mr.Whiskers, our 8 year old tabby. He had 7 families before us--really. I think his problem is that he is too smart. He gets into everything. We had to install child-proof locks on the cupboards to keep him out of things. Now that he has toys and a playmate, he doesn't make confetti from the toilet paper and paper towels.

Our newest member of the family is Baby. He was rescued from a puppy-mill in the spring. I won't rant about puppy or kitten mills except for this: please, please make sure your breader is reputable before you get a pet from them. Better yet, get a rescued dog or cat. *stepping off soap box*
So, who are the creatures in your life and how did they find you?


Aleta said...

I want to give them all a big blog hug! They are adorable! I had a collie dog when I was a child. He was wonderful, but I'm more of a cat person. You've seen my Angel Kitty. Her story is on my blog in May '08. I wish I had two more cats but I don't think Angel would like it - although, maybe she'd surprise me. But I know my DH wouldn't like it!

FIONA said...

Aleta, I'm a cat person at heart, but my DH & oldest son wanted a dog so we got Angus, our first Sheltie.

Four shelties later---I'm not a dog person---but I am a sheltie person.

FIONA said...

And the reason everyone is on a tile floor in November? Heated floors!

Our four-season porch has in-floor heat. We fell in love with the idea when we were in Korea.

In the winter, this is our favorite room. Three sides are windows and the floor is toasty.

phylliso said...

Beautiful animals!The room is beautiful too,a happy room,I love all the sunlight.
Your shelties look the right size,mine always grow overweight.Hunter,the new guy is the right size for now.
We`ve had dogs & cats.Over the past 20 odd years we`ve had collies.Sadie lived to be 14,Max lived to be 12.I am a dog person.
We also have parrots,2 African greys[very smart birds!} 2 blue & gold macaws.Just a few years ago I went through a crazy time & thought I had to have fiber goats,so 4 angora goats we have now.I blogged about how they rode home in the back of my Saturn when they were 6 mos.old.They are a handful & the shelties love to get in the pen if I would give them a chance.Maggie has dropped & rolled in goat poop already!happenned so fast I didn`t know what was going on at first.phylliso

FIONA said...

Phylliso, my dogs have each other , and my two kids, to keep the weight off. They romp outside in all weather, including the 4 inches of snow we have right now.

My parents have goats, but we are suburbanites, and there are restrictions on pets like that.

I would love to have birds, but I am horribly allergic to feathers.

My kids are trying to talk me into hermit crabs. We already have a 60 gallon fish tank. I don't know if I want a tank for the carbs, too.

FIONA said...

Oh, that should be "crabs" not carbs. I guess my yearly obsession with Christmas party food is showing, LOL.

Karen said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hawaii for Christmas - how wonderful! My daughter and SIL went to Hawaii on their honeymoon 4 years ago - they loved it. Hope you have a great time!

FIONA said...

I loved your blog, Karen, and I love Montana! We have been there twice in the winter. I need to see it in the summer.