Friday, November 21, 2008

Independent Bookstores

Today over at SISTERS IN CRIME there is a strong appeal to support local, independent bookstores.

One great example of an author who does this well is John Scalzi . He has a great idea for supporting his local bookstore, and making autographed books available to his readers. Everybody wins.

I wonder why more authors don’t do that. They would have the undying devotion of the booksellers, and the reading public. They wouldn’t even have to do this year round. One month a year would be a great start.

New Year’s resolution, beginning about six weeks early, buy form my local, independent booksellers. I already do that for Children’s books and I need to do it for my Mystery and SF/F books as well.

Hmmmmm.....Christmas shopping starts for me on Monday, and I have these stores bookmarked and ready for my ordering.

Do you have favorite independent bookstore? Do you hunt through a favorite used bookstore? Do you seek out a bookstore on vacation?
You ARE giving books for presents this year, aren’t you? What book do you want to receive as a gift?


FIONA said...

As an update...

DH and I went out to lunch today, and went to a lovely independent bookstore and ordered "Defining Moment" which I plan to read over Christmas. I also picked up some great, and unusual calendars for a few people on my list.

phylliso said...

Probably the new Patricia Cornwell book & the new James Patterson one,there are others I can`t think of right now due to brain freeze by the grandchildren.Thank God it`s all I can say.
I usually find the books I need on-line,ebay & love to go to the Borders close to us,but I never get to spend enough of time in there,I need like a week or so to get through where I want to look in the bookstore.phylliso

FIONA said...

Oh, Phylliso, I haven't read the new Patterson or Cornwall yet.

And my TBR list grows, and grows.....

Aleta said...

I love all bookstores! And libraries, too, of course. Yes, when we go on vacation I have to hit the bookstores and I love going into independent bookstores in other towns across the country. I also buy used books from e-bay and new ones on line from Barnes & Noble. I picked up on your Library Thing and joined it, have been loading my books onto it.