Saturday, November 8, 2008


Over at MURDERATI today, there is a excellent post on craft. This is one of several (they're linked in the post) lessons on structure and pacing.

I reread all of the posts today, and figured out something that was very wrong with my WIP.

I am behind on my word count for NANOWRIMO, but I thought this needed sharing.

Where do you get ideas on craft? Do you have favorite books or blogs that help? Have you taken any classes thathave made a difference inyour writing?

*slinking off to the office to get my BIC*


Aleta said...

Hi! My friend Phyllis referred me to you because she knows I like writing. You made comments in her blog on her shelties I think. How many stories/books have you had published? I'm not a professional writer. I've never been published but I have several stories completed (yet not sent in anywhere) and some that are not so complete, and two novels in progress! I have a problem in staying focused. I get in moods to write and then I get in moods to do other things. But I enjoy the writing craft and I like your blog and the links you provided. I don't write mystery, but I like to read it. The stories I write are mainstream I guess you call it. I like the stories in the Sun Magazine and in Tinhouse and Glimmer Train.
I find inspiration from Natalie Goldberg's books, and she has a website. I think the NANOWRIMO is a good way to keep the writing juices flowing.
I have a blog if you want to take a look. Just click on my name. My blog is mostly about nature and my life her in the Tennessee hills.

FIONA said...

Hey Aleta, thanks for stopping by the blog. I saw your blog---what wonderful photos.

I LOVE Glimmer Train. I haven't submitted anything to them, yet. I have this short, short story coming out in the WINTER 09 'Spinetingler" ezine, and I have other short stories in various stages of submission.

I'm working on a contemporary, womens' fiction piece for NANOWRIMO, and I have another on the back burner.

Keep writing, and try to find a home for your work. THE WRITER'S MARKETPLACE is a good start. You can get a copy at your local library and go online to get the up-to-date information for a publication.

If you like a magazine, try submitting to it. You never know what piece will connect with which editor.

Good luck,


Aleta said...

Thanks, Fiona, for your encouragement! You've inspired me; I got out one of my in-progress novels yesterday and worked on it.

Thanks for visiting my blog, also!