Saturday, November 8, 2008

Name that character

I can't write about a character until I give her a name. As soon as she has her name, she comes alive. I see her, hear her voice, and begin to live her story.

This has been a HUGE problem for me. I scour the net for names. I read lists, check obits and go through directories. UGH. A time suck, and not a fun one. I usually love doing research, but the name game was one I dreaded.

Until now. I just discovered
this cool writing resource.

Now I can search a name and find a similar one, or a variation, so everyone isn't Jennifer and Jason.

How do you name your characters?


phylliso said...

what a cool site,thanks for sharing.I must send this off to my friend who writes,phylliso

Aleta said...

For my characters in my novels, I have cut pictures out of magazines of faces that I visualize would be good in the stories. Then I ponder on those faces and their names begin to materialize in my mind. Soon I can't think of them as having any other name than the one I gave them.

FIONA said...

Aleta, what a great idea. You "see" your characters and they name themselves from your mind! I wish it worked that way for me.

Isn't it interesting how different people get their inspiration?

Aleta said...

Yes, it is interesting how inspiration comes to each person!
Do you hand write, or type? I do a little of both, but mostly hand write because I love to write outside in our gazebo, weather permitting which is most of the year for us. I have a Quickpad Pro which is basically a laptop word processor and I take that to the gazebo sometimes, but still, for me there's nothing like the experience of hand pushing pen or pencil across the page!