Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Post

We had a great Thanksgiving with friends on Thursday. DH had to work that afternoon, so we ate at 11. We finished at 2. As soon as I get the recipe for the stuffed mushrooms , I'll post it.

Yesterday, we did Thanksgiving at our house. We had to have the leftovers. I just did turkey thighs, because the four of us can only eat so much. We all prefer dark meat, anyway. We sometimes have pheasant for Thanksgiving, but DH & oldest son didn't go out pheasant hunting this year.

I tried Neil Gaiman’s cranberry jelly, but it turned into cranberry syrup. We ate it anyway.

I was going to try sweet potato souffle but I decided to try that this week, and if it works we will enjoy it for Christmas.

We will have venison for Christmas, but we will celebrate a week late this year. My DH only gets Christmas week off once every 5 years, so our family gift is to go to Hawaii (we've been planning & saving for this for years). The kids know THAT IS IT for presents this year. They'll get stuff from the rest of the family, so they will have something to open when we get back.

OK, I lied, they WILL get a couple of books to read on the plane. I couldn't resist a couple of books each. It's really more for my sanity.

Tomorrow, the tree goes up. Pictures to follow.

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