Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Writer's Roadblock

My NANORWRIMO experience has not worked the way I planned this month. A sick child (he's better now) and a home remodeling experience--which can best be described as MUCH FODDER for the writing grist--have left me with less time to write than I had anticipated.

It has, however, left me with snippets of time I have spent "procrastinating" on the web. I put that in quotes because each day has left me with a new insight on craft (see my last post) or some new research for my WIP, or some personal inspiration. Rachelle Gardner has a great post on working through these frustrations, when I have questioned my reasons for writing and my ability to succeed.

I found that link from a link on a blog which I visit daily. Under the comments of the not-named blog, however, I found some very rude comments on the spiritual nature of Rachelle Gardner's post. I can fully understand people having other beliefs, or no religious beliefs at all, but I can not understand someone being mean about others' beliefs. I'm not sure if it is the anonymity of the blogosphere, or if the poster is regularly an unpleasant person, but it left an unpleasant e-smell. Maybe it's because I'm in the midwest and we are a little nicer here about differences.

I can feel sorry for the person, and whatever hurt they have in their lives that they feel it necessary to inflict that on others, but it does make me wonder about being published and how open that will leave me to unkind words, or worse, from strangers.

I don't mean about my writing---that's subjective and if you think it's awful, that's your opinion. Just don't read what I write and you and I will both be happy. What really concerns me is that someone who disagrees with a (real or perceived) political or religious slant to my work will see it as something PERSONAL, and try to respond in a personal way.

I'm very protective of my family (no pictures of my DH or kids on this blog) so that makes me concerned.

Of course, I may never get anything else published, and this will all be a meaningless worry. LOL

Do you have things in your professional live which affect you and your family on a personal level? Do you find it difficult to separate the two aspects of your life or do you feel more comfortable combining the two?


phylliso said...

I was always taught here in Pa,if you don`t have anything nice to say,keep it to yourself.There`s always a bad apple in the bunch,if I was that person I would toss out the comment.No one likes negativity especially when it comes to their own personal beliefs.And here,it has affected you now too,& me,& I haven`t even read it.It is just sad to hear about people like that.
When I started the blog I vowed to never post pics of the family & not to blog about them.I did want to give encouragement though to people with RA & somehow help them see it is not the end of the world.My grandchildren slowly crept in though,I HAD to post Dominick`s big rainbow trout in March,so then it started,I was doing what I hadn`t intended on doing,posting about the family.I would like to tell more about the trials we`ve had,but so far I`ve managed to keep mum on them.I could write a book myself...phylliso

FIONA said...

philliso, I know as soon as I say "I'll never post a picture of the kids..." that I'll wind up doing it at some point, just not now. :-)

I'm glad that there is a "PA nice" just as there is a "MN nice".

We were in PA this summer--we took the kids to Gettysburg---and we had a wonderful experience and met the nicest people.

Aleta said...

I think people everywhere are basically good, or want to be good. So I think the best thing to do is to ignore the bad post as though it didn't happen. Don't let it steal your peace, and definitely don't let it stop you from posting on your blog - I know you won't! It could be that the person who wrote the negative comment could be dealing with some terrible things in their life and are projecting their anger out onto others.
I have considered putting pictures of my (step)grandchildren on my blog but am not sure how their parents would feel about it and I don't know that there would be any harm in doing so. But instead I just have some (probably boring) pictures of my life here in the Tennessee hills! But your blog, Fiona, is so inspiring! Since I read your blog, I have set aside each morning for my writing (and no more than that, so I don't get too burned out). I meditate for 1/2 hour before I start to write. In the past week I have submitted two stories and am working on one that I started but got stuck on two years ago. These are major accomplishments for me! Keep working on your NANOWRIMO project. I tried it a couple of years ago but never got far. You have 11 more days! Good luck! Thank you for your inspiring blog!

phylliso said...

Gettysburg is beautiful.We don`t live too far from it.My dh went to school there.phylliso

luos said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
FIONA said...

OK, comment moderation has been turned on. Sorry about that, but the "Luos" post/billboard did it. I have seen this post on a couple of other blogs I visit, so I'm not the only one being hit by this "Poster spam."

My blog is NOT your billboard.

phylliso said...

This is the FIRST I`ve ever seen of a comment like that from someone trying to sell something or other.It is almost laughable that this joker has to use someone`s personal blog for that nonsense.Kudos to you for not getting angry,phylliso

FIONA said...

Phylliso, if it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny.

Just how many people would be inspired to buy something hawked like that?