Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Kitties are packed

Skitter Kitten and Mr. Whiskers are packed and ready to go. We have never sent them off before, so I'm worried how they will do. At least they will be staying in a home, and not going to a kennel. They'll probably be so spoiled, they won't want to come home. I know they will be happier away from the demolition in the house.

The dogs go to another house tomorrow. I'm so thankful for good friends who will help us out during the worst of the project.

The kids are going to miss the critters. Who am I kidding---I'M GOING TO MISS THE CRITTERS.

Do you have pets? Have you had to send them away for vacations or house projects? Will I get all the pet hair cleaned up before they come back in two weeks?


Aleta said...

Oh, Fiona, they are so adorable, and what an adorable picture! When we go away, our neighbor comes in and checks on our Angel Kitty. I hate leaving her alone because I am with her all of the time, and she's the only pet we have. She's always glad to see me come home. In a year or so we'll have a home project to do but we will have to keep her here. She would definitely not do well in a kennel; she's high strung, afraid of everyone and everything except me (and she makes exceptions for the neighbor when I'm away!). Good luck with your project!

FIONA said...

I'm so glad we don't have to do a kennel. The kitties will be gone until Jan 1. We start the tear-down part of the project tomorrow, and we will be gone for a few days at Christmas, so the kitties needed to go today.

They should do fine with the family where they're staying, but I'll miss them.

I'll post destruction/construction updates.

moxylyn said...

Aw, I'm sure it will be harder on you than the babies. Your Sheltie avatar caught my eye and I had to come read :)
That's weird about the Christmas party house. There really is a difference between a house and a home.

FIONA said...


The shelties left this morning. They were excited to GO FOR A RIDE IN THE CAR!!! but weren't happy when they had to stay. They'll be in puppy play heaven for the next two weeks.

They have nine other shelties to play with out at the farm.

FIONA said...

Kitty update---they are doing well. Mr. Whiskers is being shy and Skitter Kitten acts like she owns the place.

When we leave tomorrow, I'll have one lsee thing to worry about.