Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And that's why we call him....


My youngest son got his glasses when he was two. When we came home from the eye doctor's office, we headed straight for the park. The first thing he noticed were the ants--he could not see them before he got glasses. He's been "BUG BOY" ever since. As soon as he could pronounce it, he told me he was going to be an entomologist.

I had never considered New Orleans as a family vacation destination, but this changed my mind. Our school district has a five day weekend in October, and I think the the Audubon Insectarium will be our first stop.

BTW, that's a praying mantis on his head. I screamed; he insisted on a picture.

Do you like bugs or think they all need to be stepped on? What is your secret passion? Do others in your life share it? Willingly? What new world has someone in your life opened up for you?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

My oldest son was a Bug Boy too, Fiona. He loved bugs from the time he knew what they were. He collected them--and didn't mind holding them and touching them. I'm just the opposite. I'm a bug-squasher. Sorry!!!!


Aleta said...

That's great that now your son can see those bugs he couldn't see before!
I try not to kill bugs, definitely if they are outside and even if they get in the house, we put them in a cup and take them outside, if we can catch them, and well, there ARE certain exceptions to that rule too. Certain bugs should never be killed - praying mantis being one of them - because they are beneficial. I also don't ever kill spiders if I can help it because they eat other, less desirable bugs.

Shellmo said...

I don't think the praying mantis is that bad. But I do kill every spider that I find. (I once got a bad spider bite while sleeping and have never forgotten it!)

FIONA said...

I hate spiders, but I don't kill the little ones--something needs to eat the mosquitoes!Asian Lady Beetles" are awful here in the fall--and I'm allergic to their bites.