Sunday, January 4, 2009


As you can see from my blog list (you haven't checked out my blog list? well, head on over to my "profile") I read lots of blogs. Some have to do with the writing business, and some are just for fun. Many are a mix of both.

I have made new cyber-friends visiting these blogs. This is important, because writing is a lonely business. There are no friends at the water cooler or lunches out with coworkers.

Most days, it's me, the cats and dogs, and the keyboard. That's why I want to give a virtual shout-out to the bloggers who make my workday a little better, and introduce you to some cool people I have met this past year.

This will, hopefully, be my regular Sunday topic.


Janet Reid’s blog.

It is mostly about the writing business. She has links to cool people, and blogs about books she has enjoyed. It often makes me smile and usually gives me something to think about.

Check this blog out, and let me know what you think.

So, what blogs do you enjoy? Are there blogs you MUST check EVERY DAY? How do you find new blogs--do you follow links from other blogs, or just serf? Do you regularly post, or do you just lurk? What has been the most interesting, or unusual, blog you've found.

Please share the links.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Fiona, How's the Minnesota weather today??? You've had a rough winter so far, haven't you? Ours has been quite mild with no snow!!! Sigh!!!

That's neat that you choose a blog of the week. That gives us newer people a chance to check out other's blogs.

Hope you are having a good day.
I added you to my life---so you need to add me (if you want to)!!!! ha

FIONA said...

Betsy, thanks for stopping by and for becoming a "follower."

You're now on my blogroll.

Hey everyone, go check out Betsy's blog today. Beautiful pictures and a love story!

(It's 2 above, and the snow has stopped.)

Shellmo said...

I like the idea of highlighting different people's blogs to go visit - you discover the most interesting people! I usually find others by clicking on the links or followers they have and occassionally I do a google blog search. I do have one blog that I'm obsessed with and must check everyday - that's chickens in the road (the link is on my log cabin blog) - I'll have to highlight that one.

phylliso said...

That`s a good idea.I do a google search on what I want to read about on someone`s blog.I also find blogs I like through the comments made on blogs.
How do you get the links to take you right to someone`s blog,or link to something you want to share? I can`t seem to do that sometimes.I just wanted to share I site I found,but when I put it on,it doesn`t take you there.Ugh! I hate it when I can`t figure something out.phylliso

FIONA said...

Shellmo, which blog is the chickens in the road? That sounds great.

Phylliso, when you get to the blog, copy the address (http://......) and paste it in the comments, like I did for this one. Then someone else can copy and past it into google and find the site.

Or, for your own use, you can bookmark it, or save it on your blogger dashboard as a blog you follow.