Friday, January 2, 2009


As promised yesterday, some of THE GOOD from our trip.

That's right, Santa is in an outrigger canoe, with his trusty dolphins leading the way.

This is the Io Needle. The green is so intense. I wish the pictures did it justice. We were there our last day, and watched the storm roll down the mountainside. Beautiful.

There's a reason people associate the hibiscus with HI. The variety and prevalence can not be described. Monday I'm off to the garden center to get a couple for our living room. Hey, I can't bring home the beach, but the hibiscus will remind me of the ones that bloomed outside our patio last week.

A Christmas Eve rainbow. There were rainbows every day, because it rained a bit each morning and afternoon. Instead of being annoyed by the rain, we all looked forward to it each afternoon, so we could look for the rainbows. They were amazing, and there's no way to do them justice with my little camera.

So, what's good in your life?

Tomorrow, THE BAD and THE UGLY.


phylliso said...

You & your camera give new meaning to picture perfect,what beautiful photos!Glad you had a safe & happy trip,missed you!phylliso

FIONA said...

Thanks, Phylliso. I have about a hundred photos of flowers.

When I have the time, I'll set up a slide show of them and put it on the blog.

Shellmo said...

Beautiful flowers and the rainbow was a nice surprise!

Aleta said...

Gorgeous flowers! That is cute - Santa in a sled pulled by Dolphins! The rainbow is beautiful. Rainbows are so special.
Wonderful pictures; thanks for sharing them!