Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday.....

to me.

Dh has been down with a stomach bug---I promise, no details----so we're going out tonight to celebrate my birthday.

Before kids, we'd celebrate New Year's Eve and my birthday together (my birthday's the third), but that hasn't happened in years. Now, we do a nice dinner out and are home early.

Each time we go out to a nice place (for birthdays or anniversaries) we find ourselves seated next to DRAMA. First date disasters; obviously bored couples; little kids who are up way past their bedtimes; and the worst--- business travelers who mistake the dining room for their office and have laptop and papers strewn over the table and who shout into their cellphone while we try to whisper sweet nothings.

I wish I could write romantic comedy; there is so much material in our "dates."

So, happy belated birthday to me.

This year is a BIG birthday for my DH (in the fall), so I may throw a surprise party for him. I would hate to have have one thrown for me, though.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you enjoy a fancy dinner out? Have you experienced dining disasters? What's your opinion about surprise parties?


Rhondi said...

Hi Fiona
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. If you want to join in on Thankful Thursday, please email me on Wed just to confirm it. We'd love to have you join us.

FIONA said...

I will. It's a great idea.

Karen said...

Fiona, we usually celebrate my birthday by going out to dinner, which is a treat - if the meal is good, otherwise I'd rather eat at home! I absolutely deplore surprise parties - always have... baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties as surprises - UGH. I need to know what's going on and with who! LOL Happy Birthday to you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Fiona, George and I celebrate anytime we can. One of my best birthdays was in 2007 when he took me on a surprise weekend trip to a romantic cabin. It was absolutely fabulous!!!

YES, we have encountered RUDE people in restaurants many times. I wrote a blog once so I need to find it and re-publish it. I hate cellphones and what they've done to destroy conversations!!!

phylliso said...

We eat out at the Red lobster & always get the ulimate feast.We don`t always do birthdays out,but our anniversary finds us there.
We have been blessed not to be near people like that when we eat out.We almost never eat out tho!
Surprise birthdays are nice provided they are small.There`s nothing more better than having a few friends gather especially for you,phylliso

FIONA said...

Thanks for the birthday ideas.

I'm thinking of a small surprise party for my Dh at our house, so it would have to be set up while he's at work. A few friends and some great food.