Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The local paper said that we may have the fourth January in history that will not get above freezing. So, on a chilly January morning, this is something to warm your heart.

Over at Lisa's blog, she has organized a world-wide bloggers' give-away. Share your art, photography, or crafts with bloggers all over the world, and give a bit of your creativity and warmth to someone else. AND discover cool people, too. There are currently 709 participants. The world just got a little friendlier.

Click the icon below to get more information on the project.

Participation guidelines are here.

Now, for my little contribution:

If you have an active blog, and comment here on this post, between today and February 11, 10 pm CST, I will draw 4 names to get a set of eight note cards with envelopes, each featuring one of the tropical blooms below. (I'm participant # 622. There's still time for you to sign-up, too.)

Please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you--either a link to your blog, or your email, with your comments. I will announce the winners on February 12.

*sigh* I can feel my toes thawing out already. I can't wait to hear from everyone.

Have a warm day,



GraceBeading said...

I hear you on that cold... I just want my feet to warm up even for a few minutes!

Beautiful note cards, I'd love to be included.

Thanks for the chance,
Participant #19

JennTRC said...

beautiful photos!

please enter me and feel free to enter my giveaway, i'm 486.

lusaro said...

I was just hopping from one blog to another. And so I discovered OWOH!! Great, sharing creativity all over the world!! And so... I created my own blog this week...for all of you...feel free to take a look at my cards and atc's!

Such a beautiful note cards!! Great!!

Someone, somewhere.. will be very happy with it... I can only dream it's me :)!!

Greetings from Belgium,



Annie said...

Hello Fiona,

Please include me in your give away. I especially love those Hibiscus photos. Such unusual colors.


Glassgrrl Studios said...

Those rich, luscious photos are quite the contrast to the cold grey ice that's surrounding me. Thanks for the momentary getaway!

Come play in my draw, #310.

daffy said...

your note cards are beautiful
please add me to your drawing
if you get the chance drop by mine
carolyn h

cdziuba said...

Lovely note cards.

Reeva said...

I'm having so much fun making friends and blog-hopping again this year.

Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I'm chosen as the lucky winner!!!

carylsrealm said...

Yep, it's snowing here now! Beautiful notecards, please include moi! And stop by my OWOH!

Lelia said...

Notecards! How wonderful. Your flowers are delightful as the snow & ice are covering up all the green around here.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Fiona--wonder what February has in store for us???? Our January hasn't been too bad other than it has been quite cold most of the month. Today it's raining --so hopefully we've escaped all of the ice that is north of us. I'd love to see another snow or two here (not big ones) --but if not, then I'm ready for spring.

Note cards are gorgeous--but won't sign up this time.. Thanks anyhow.

Mimi said...

Your work is beautiful! Great giveaway, I would love to be entered.


Sue said...

Gorgeous! I can almost
smell those fragrant balmy
breezes (until I look out and see all the snow). Please include me in your draw!



The Whimsical Goblin said...

very pretty flowers

count me in

PattiV said...

What a wonderful giveaway. I would love to have my name entered and then please stop by and enter mine.

s hyler said...

Such pretty cards. It is so nice to meet you through this event. Have a wonderful day,

Karen said...

Beautiful notecards, Fiona - thanks for letting me know about this event!

vwestermeyer said...

ahhhh a few moments of spring!

Marty said...

Fiona, thanks for visiting my blog. Those tropical flowers make me feel warmer, too. Please include me in the drawing.

Digital Misfit said...

Oh what I wouldnt give to be somewhere tropical right now!
I would love a set of beautiful notecards - that photography is wonderful!

hugs from ON, Canada

Please pop by my blog at http://myhidingplaceincyberspace.blogspot.com for a visit and to enter my OWOH giveaway too!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I love the note cards but I thought you were going to give a sheltie to a good home - to me! I would love to be the lucky winner of one of your card packs! Please add my name to your drawing! Then come on over and enter my OWOH Giveaway too! I’d love to see you there.

Lilla said...

Aloha, the note cards look like they came from my street. Love them, better pictures that mine. Please add me to your list,
mahalo Lilla

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Your photography and cards are lovely. I'd love to win! And if you haven't visited my blog yet, please do. #252


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I love you notecards...m.

Kathy L said...

These note cards are wonderful. I hope they all make us (at least those who live in the frigid north) foreget about winter!

Please enter me

Sara said...

And we are expecting 18 inches of snow tomorrow...

I love your cards. Please enter me in your drawing. And, drop by mine - I'm 405 on the list.

purplepaint said...

My toes are still frozen from this morning, Arizona is looking pretty good! :D Please enter into your giveaway. Marva at purplepaint45@yahoo.com

My Child's Diary said...

Beautiful notecards! Thank you so much for your generosity. Please count me in! Thanks, Miri
samjerus@yahoo.com You are welcome to enter in mine of you haven't already done - http://mychilddiary.blogspot.com/2009/01/one-world-one-heart-giveway.html

Sonja said...

Thanks for your nice comment, your name is in the hat, please put mine in yours.

Terry Spier said...

Lovely photography - make such wonderful notes.

Please enter me in the drawing.

Thank you,

Terry Spier



Dschrader said...

Please add me to your drawing!
Donna K Schrader

Beth M said...

Beautiful photos! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Joy said...

Please add my name to your drawing. :o)


sewfunky said...

Please enter me in the draw and don't forget to head on over to my blog and enter mine!


Janice said...

I lovel the cards. Please enter me in your giveaway.

martie said...

Gorgeous notecards and photography! Please enter me in your drawing. And I'm hosting a OWOH give-away too (#596 on the blogroll). Stop by if you have the chance!

ladybug said...

It's cold outside where I live too...but your flowers made it feel so much warmer (at least inside!) :)

thanks for joining in the fun of One World One Heart! I hope you'll have the chance to come over to my blog for a visit soon! (#94 on Lisa's List) or just come to www.thelightifind.blogspot.com


Karen South said...

Great note cards. And I know what you mean about the cold!

Jeanie said...

How beautiful! Please enter my name in your drawing and stop by The Marmelade Gypsy to enter mine!

"Stampgram" said...

Your photography is stunning. These flowers are so awesome. Please enter me in your drawing.

I am participating in OWOH too...# 563. You can see my offerings and enter at stampgram.blogspot.com

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

these are beautiful! I would love to enter and please stop by my blog, too!

jonaks said...

beautiful photos. please include me in your drawing. thanks.

Michelle McGee said...

Nice work!

onscreen said...

Please enter me into the draw and don't forget to head on over to my OWOH giveaway to enter mine!


Joanne Huffman said...

lovely photos. Please enter me in your drawing. And, I invite you to come visit my blog
and enter my drawing.
~ Joanne

AmandaSue said...

Very pretty flowers! I'm sure these are beautiful notecards. Thanks for entering me!
unforgetable_dreamer_always (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

Tina- said...

oh how very nice. please enter my name in the drawing. very generous of you. thanks for the opportunity. I hope that you'll stop by my blog for a visit when you get a chance.nice to "meet" you.

Brenda said...

Stunning photography, beautiful cards. Please enter me into your draw (#574)

thismuseofmine said...

Beautiful blooms! Your notecards are great. Please count me in.
Thanks- Letha
I am also #553 on the OWOH project or you can catch me on my blog at http://thismuseofmine.blogspot.com

Lisa Gatz said...

Beautiful! I just came back from Hawaii and this made me smile. Please enter me in your giveaway.


lerchbase said...

Nice stuff! I like the look and layout of your blog also. :-)
See my post if you're interested:

twinsmom1 said...

how very beautiful!!! does the beach and ocean come with those?? I need something to take my mind off the cold weather we are having here!! please enter me in your drawing!!!

yarnplayer said...

Such lovely floral cards! Please add my name to your drawing. And thanks for the nice comment you made when you signed up at my giveaway, too.

R. Bungart said...

Beautyfull, please add me to your drawing.
Thanks for the chance



SpiritMama said...

What lovely images!
Thanks for including me in your giveaway!

Jodi said...

Gorgeous note cards! Thanks for the chance to win!

Dottie said...

These are really gorgeous!! I would love to win these! Please add me to the list of entries and if you have a chance, please visit my blog and giveaway (#669) www.gardensandcrafts.blogspot.com. Thanks!

*Birgit* said...

Greeting cards are always wonderful! :)

Greetings from Munich,

Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl said...

beautiful notecards. please count me in! thanks,

Shellmo said...

These are beautiful and make me dream of spring! please include me!

Vicki Priebe said...

Awesome note cards, I could definitely use those. Please enter me in your giveaway. Be sure to enter my giveaway (#357) as well. Thank you from Alaska.
~Vicki Priebe
Wish Grantor

crazierinreallife said...

Please enter me in your drawing. Don't forget to stop by mine and enter my drawing.



Dragonlady said...

The notecards are amazing...

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Your notecard giveaway does make me feel like winter is almost over. I'd love a chance to win this. Please add my name to your drawing.
Thank you!
Patricia :o)

PS: Come by and visit me at my blog if you get a chance. I'm not haveing a giveaway (yet!), but I'd love to hear from you.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your beautiful notecards. They are also making me warm, too. If I were to win this lovely giveaway, I think I would send one to Lisa thanking her for organizing this event.

Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway also.

hfsolutions at juno dot com


Jenn Klee said...

Flowers are in the center of my inspiration ! Drop by my blog for my giveaway.

Jenn Klee said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Hello ~ I would Love to be in the drawing for your lovely notecard giveaway. Thank you for the chance to be a lucky winner.

You can find me at OWOH#122

Donna said...

I love them! Thanks for the chance to win! southerner@aol.com

Oxana said...

Beautiful photos!! Would love to be included. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


cheryl said...

Wonderful giveaway! Lovely notecards!

If you get a chance, stop by my humble OWOH: http://chaosatlanta.blogspot.com/

SuseADoodle said...

beautiful cards! the tropical blooms sure are cheery when there is white white white outside my windows!

PLEASE enter me in your drawing and I wouldn't mind a set of your cards coming my way :-)

Have a Great OWOH Blog-Hop!

"Suse Bee"

Jackie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Please enter me in your give away, thanks Jackie

sandee said...

Very lovely note cards...Count me in, PLEASE!!!

And if you haven't done so already, please stop by my blog and check out my giveaway:


trisha too said...

NICE photography--i'd be delighted to receive your notecards.
thank you for participating in OWOH.
owoh #177
easily amused, hard to offend

Rice said...

Beautiful, please include me in your drawing. Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my drawing.


very nice- please include me

Aleta said...

Hi, Fiona - What a great idea! Please enter me! Thank you!

Lisa said...

Wonderful! Please enter my name. I am also participating in OWOH and would love for you to stop by. #223 :-)

Amy said...

wonderful notecards. Sorry you've been so cold, here in N Nevada we've been well above average, today was high 50's.

I'm #652

Whimsical Creations said...

Those are so pretty!! Thanks for the chance to win!

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Beautiful notecards...

I’d love to be entered into your “One World – One Heart” giveaway…

I’m also participating in OWOH, so feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win some goodies from me as well.


bayrayschild said...

Fiona, so nice of you to stop by our T.D.I.P.T group blog.

This is a good thing that's happening. Some friendships may produce from this event.

So glad I stopped by your blog!

Audrey of Bay Ray's Child

Made by Melissa said...

Gorgeous photos! I love note cards!

Please stop my blog and enter my OWOH giveaway too: http://madebymelissa.blogspot.com/2009/01/one-world-one-heart-giveaway.html

Marianne said...

Thank you for the nice comments on my blog! Please include me in your note card drawing too!
I also absolutely love to read! Your chair with the wide arm rests is so perfect for reading and sipping!
Have a great day!

Renee said...

the pictures of the flowers were enough of a prize for me today. Renee

altermyworld said...


thank you for this heart giveaway, pls add me


Jingle said...

These are very pretty! Please include me!
jinglesells at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

What lovely cards - please count me in! :)

And please do feel free, too, to stop by my blog to enter my own OWOH giveaway!


PEA said...

Such a delightful giveaway!! Please enter my name, I would so love to win these beautiful cards!! Thank you! Make sure you come and enter my own giveaway, a little faerie box. I'm #770. xo

Stephanie said...

So pretty!! It's giving me spring fever!! What a great giveaway! Please enter me in your drawing.

#813 on the OWOH Caravan

Linda said...

Beautiful Cards! I would love to be entered in your drawing. My email address is:
Pasfan2000 at hotmail dot com

If you haven't already, please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway. #418


Bee said...

what an incredible journey I have been on with OWOH, I have travelled to 28 countries around the world and met over 900 fabulous bloggers. Then to be able to join in everybody's giveaways is such a bonus. Please count me in yours and why not pop over to my blog at http://nannabeeshive.blogspot.com/ and join in mine. I look forward to seeing you there and visiting your blog again soon.


wendy said...

please enter me!

madamerkf at aol dot com

J and Z said...

wonderful!! please count me in!!

jean (OWOH #889)

kathy55439 said...


Chris in Oz said...


WOW, this is a wonderful event!!! I'm from Oz the Land Down-Under. It's very nice to 'meet' you. I'm in for my second year and I'm sure I'll be back for more. Oh, I'd love to be entered for your give-away and if you haven't dropped by my blog yet, then please do, I'm #838 in the Gypsy Caravan.


MissKoolAid said...

Those photos are so warm! Would love a chance to win.
Sophie in Montreal, Canada

Tumbleweed Trails said...

I would love to have a set of your notecards. Thank you for participating in the wonderful giveaway. Please enter my name into your drawing. It would be such a delight and honor to win. Jody

AngieHallHaviland said...

What a FUN event this is….making friends through ART is always WONDERFUL!! Please enter me in your drawing!!

Please stop by my blog, if you'd like :O)

Franny said...

Your photos are exquisite! Beautiul prezzies! Please enter me in your wonderful giveaway...I would love to win something the day after my 20th anniversary!

I have never been to this event before so after seeing so many wonders, I became a participant!

I am so amazed at the generosity. I am particularly moved by some of the comments that are so heartfelt.

This has really inspired me to be more creative and to blog more. I have enjoyed meeting you and getting in touch with your blog.

Come and visit me on Picklebeans or email me at:

Beckie Holso said...

These gorgeous photos will make wonderful cards! Please include me in your drawing =) OWOH #433

Elizabeth said...

I'm so cold I have hand mitts on! Beautiful photos! I hope you'll stop by and check out my giveaway, if you haven't already. http://ebogie.blogspot.com

martha brown said...

Aaahhhh, tropical blooms -- I'm still up to my ears in snowdrifts..... Please enter me into your draw -- thank you so much!! I'm off now to look around your blog some more!

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

I would love to win a set of your notes! Your site is so beautiful. I would love to win your prize. After this is all over I’m going to spend more time viewing every ones. Please stop at my site too. I’m giving away my new book “16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood.” I will personally sign it for you.


Barbara #830

Becky said...

Beautiful note cards! Please enter me into your wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

malleycc said...

beautiful note cards so warming. I would love to win Thanks

Lisa said...

Great giveaway!! Please enter me! :)Lisa

Melissa said...

Thank you for the great giveaway & the chance to win!

:) Melissa

Carapace said...

What great blooms! They'd make anyone's day!

Fannie said...

Hi, Fiona. Nice to meet you.

Love these photographs. They remind me of "home." I'm originally from Hawaii. Feeling a little homesick now. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks.

I'm #789. Come visit me. http://fanniecarte.blogspot.com/2009/01/one-world-one-heart.html

Aloha from Texas,

Beadyjan said...

What beautiful cards.
Please include me in your draw.
Have you entered my OWOH giveaway yet? Please call by my blog to see what I'm offering.

Holly said...

so very lovely - thank you for sharing!

Ingrid said...

Your note cards are beautiful. I love flowers and yours remind me of the beautiful flowers my mother used to grow. Hope it warms up soon for you. It's been super cold everywhere.

Banna said...

I would love for you to enter me and if you have not already run over to my blog and check out my giveaway.

Art of Jana said...

The notecards are very beautimous! Looking like spring already!

Please enter me in your giveaway and if you haven't entered mine, please come on by!


(#905 - OWOH ) Jana

Connie said...

pretty notecards! Please come enter my giveaway too!
connie williams

Prpldy said...

The cards are stunning! Please enter me into the draw. And visit me when you have time.

BrendaLea OWOH #754



KKJD1 said...

The cards are beautiful! Please include me in your giveaway. Thanks Karen

Betty Boogie said...

beautiful cards! so warm and summery too!!! please count me in. Check mine out if you get the chance, if you haven't already. #906

KV said...

Lovely cards! Come visit my blog for a giveaway treat, too.

Kathy V in NM

Jax said...

Great giveaway! Please count me in and if you haven't already, swing by my give away, too! #321

A Beaded Affair said...

What a wonderful give away. Please enter me in your drawing and visit my blog at #795 if you haven't already.

Corinna Nitschmann said...

Please count me too. You could send your giveaway to Hungary.

Corinna with the felted vessels
PS.: You can go for my giveaway at Nr.802.

pam said...

Gorgeous, Please include me, I would love to win these!!

Kitty G said...

What a great giveaway - Thanks for the chance to win

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

I am so excited to find your blog! This OWOH event is totally awesome! Thank you for participating and I look forward to visiting again! If you want I have just jumped in and started a blog but didn’t finish in time for the event. Darn it. SO next year for sure!

Sharris145 at roadrunner dot com

Paisley Girl said...

Hi, nice to "meet" you. I'd love to be entered into the drawing for your amazing giveaway. I'm off to pop around your blog a little more. Once again, lovely to "meet" you. :-)


Mud Hound Primitives said...

Lovely notecards..what an nod towards summer!
Please add me to your drawing!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Thank you for your generosity! Please enter me! I’m having a ball reading all these blogs! Glad the post will be left open to visit more later!

Kari (The Backporch Artessa- OWOH giveaway # 280)

jamaise said...

Hello from Indiana :)) Thank you for your tropical pictures. Spring can not come soon enough!

jamaisew@gmail.com #873

Cowgirltazz said...

Please enter me in your great drawing. If you haven't had a chance, I'm at #857. Thank you so much!

Pamela said...

lovely photography!

Latharia said...

What a lovely idea for cards! Please do enter me in your drawing. If I am so lucky as to win, please contact me at latharia{at}comcast{dot}net!

FIONA said...

the four winners are.......

1) Terri Spier of magicbeanstalk http://magicalbeadstalk.blogspot.com/

2) Jeanie of the marmelade gypsy http://themarmeladegypsy.blogspot.com/

3) prpldy of the purple lady’s art and life http://prpldy15.blogspot.com/

4)Kathe V http://artfulmuse.blogspot.com/

I'll contact each of you to get a snail mail address.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

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