Thursday, January 22, 2009


Over at Rhondi’s blog, it is THANKFUL THURSDAY, and I'm joining in for a second time.

I am thankful for music, and violin music in particular.

My sons have played violin since they were very little, and it is such a joy for me to hear them play. After dinner is practice time. It is one of the most special times of my day. They are classically trained, but they play American and Swedish fiddle music, too.

Enjoy Joshua Bell's performance:

I can't imagine a world without music.

Now, I'm off to piano lessons---I just started in September.

Do you have a favorite style of music? A favorite instrument? What are you thankful for today?


The Bunny Bungalow said...

Hello Fiona,
I'm also thankful for music: Tall Husband plays classical guitar and I love that he fills the house with his Bach.

Deb said...

Wonderful Thankful Thursday post. I love music as well and the violin is my favourite instrument. Enjoy your piano lessons!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a great post!

I play the piano a little and the flute a little less. About ten years ago, I bought a dulcimer after a trip to the mountains of NC (actually purchased it in Georgia) and taught myself to play. I'm not that good, but it's fun to take it out and try.

I love music. My tastes are very eclectic... pretty much everything but rap and loud, mind-numbing rock. Classical, blue grass, jazz, big band, folk, soft rock, R&B, Motown, and some pop are all fine to me.


Sheila :-)

Jeanne said...

I do love Josh Grogan so much. Music is the thing that makes the world go round, right up there with 'love'

You must be so proud of your boys and proud of yourself too because you are the one who encourages them to play and learn. Good luck with your piano lessons. I did the same thing years ago but eventually gave my piano to my daughter for our granddaughter to take lessons. It hasn't happened yet.

Thank you for a lovely thankful post today.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hello Fiona, Great post.. I know you are proud of your sons. My oldest son took violin lessons --but never pursued it. We are a musical family and music is going constantly all around us. I was a voice major--but don't sing anymore (after vocal cord problems). BUT--I also played the clarinet and piano. Music has truly been my life.

Today I am thankful for the sunshine. I am thankful for you and my blogger friends.

Rhondi said...

Hi Fiona
Music is wonderful isn't it? It can inspire and encourage. I wish I played an instrument. Thanks for joining in on this thankful Thursday.
Hugs, Rhondi

FIONA said...

Bunny, I love classical guitar. You are lucky Tall Husband plays and you get to enjoy it.

Deb, violin is my favorite instrument, too. When I get better at piano, I want to try violin.

Sheila, dulcimers are fascinating instruments. My sons' fiddle teacher plays one, and brought it in for his students to see. Have fun with yours.

Jeanne, how generous of you to share your piano. My kids started "playing" the piano before they had formal lessons. They began to pick out their violin songs on the piano--that's when I decided to start piano lessons for them, too.

This year, they each added an instrument. My oldest is playing electric guitar (the first song he taught himself was AMAZING GRACE) and my youngest began drumming in band.


Shellmo said...

The violin is one instrument I wished I had learned to play as a child! So beautiful - thank you for sharing this!!

FIONA said...

Shellmo, I love to hear the violin, and enjoyed sampling YOUTUBE to find a piece for today's blog.

FIONA said...

Betsy, I would love to be able to sing. If I could pick one talent, that would be it.

One of my sons sings. He was practicing in the car this evening (I have managed to learn to drive with the boot) and it was so nice to hear him work on his new song.

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Fiona...thank you for the sweet post on Thankful Thursday! You must be so proud of your sons and I am sure they think you are quite special as well by encouraging their musical talents.

I love the violin, it's so soothing...

Happy to visit your blog :-)


Aleta said...

I don't play an instrument but I always thought it would be nice to play piano. I can't read music, though. I love music - all kinds!

phylliso said...

I`ve always wanted to play something,but don`t have the knack for it.I love the guitar.I have a native american flute I bought from Marina Raye`s husband,Charlie,& often sit on the deck in the summer trying to copy Marina`s style.I feel I`m woo-ing in the wildlife,hah!
Good for you that you are acheiving your goal of playing music.You must be proud of your children that they want to learn to play.phylliso

FIONA said...

Jane, thanks for stopping by. I do think the violin is so soothing---except the first two weeks my kids get a new piece to learn---LOL

Aleta, you certainly don't have to play an instrument to enjoy music. I've enjoyed music all of my life, but just started playing the piano (badly) and even though I may never "master" an instrument, I will always enjoy music.

Phylliso, I love your description of playing your flute for wildlife. Good for you. I just play for the dogs and cats. The cats hide. :-)