Tuesday, January 13, 2009


"Is it cold enough for you?"

That will be the greeting of the day. It was twenty below (for those of you who haven't had coffee--it's FIFTY-TWO below freezing) when we got up this morning. Minus 38, with windchill.

The dogs look at us like it's our fault.

The conventional answer is, "It could be worse."

And it has been. January 1996, it was THIRTY-FOUR BELOW. That is not windchill, but actual air temperature. Schools state-wide were closed--for cold.

This is why you hear about "Minnesota nice"----you never know who you will need to jump start your car or push you out of a snowbank.

Twenty below---it's what makes us Minnesotans.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Fiona, As much as I like winter and like hiking in winter, WELL--that's a little too cold for me... Mercy--one could get frostbite if they stayed outside very long, couldn't they??? This is going to be a year of 'crazy' weather--in history, for sure.

Stay WARM.

FIONA said...

Thanks, Betsy. We are staying warm. The long underwear goes on first. Then two layers of everything--socks, pants, and sweaters. THEN heavy outerwear. That's just to drive the kids to school!

Fortunately, it hasn't been this cold in 4 years. It may take us 4 years to recover, LOL.

Karen Rose said...

The cement was a little cold this morning when I took the dog out in my bare feet.

I think it was 80 today.

Just saying.

FIONA said...

Karen, ;-)

I know you "don't do cold" so I'm glad you're in sunny FL.

It was sunny here today, just way below 0.

Shellmo said...

You are very cold there! I'll quit complaining! It's -6 here right now though the windchill definitely makes it seem a lot colder! Stay warm - wish I could send you over a cup of hot chocolate w/ big marshmallows right now!

Karen said...

Se had a heat wave today... 43 degrees! Yay! At least some of the snow started to melt.

Is it summer yet??

Rhondi said...

Hi Fiona
Just checking if you are joining in Thankful Thursday tomorrow. Please email and let me know. My email is on my profile page.
It's even cold here in NC today!!
Thanks, Rhondi

FIONA said...

Shellmo, it's only -8 today. I'll take it; it's better than -20. And we should be above 0 by Friday. they're calling for 13 above.

For the math-challenged, that's 33 degrees warmer than yesterday. Break out the daiquiris!

Karen, if it was 43 ABOVE ZERO here, DH would be grilling tonight, and my oldest son would be arguing that he should be allowed to wear shorts to school.

BTW, my standard for wearing shorts to school is 50.

Rhondi, I will be joining you for Thankful Thursday.