Wednesday, February 18, 2009

10 %

I have shared some of the emotional roller coaster ride regarding our friend's son, Henry. He sustained a very serious head injury while skiing this past weekend.

He woke up today, and like any self-respecting teenager, he demanded his phone (he even held out a hand for it) and complained he was hungry. There was much rejoicing.

Now to put it in perspective---

A few hours earlier, Henry's parents were confronted by three specialists who had reviewed his brain scan, and agreed that Henry had a 90% chance of never waking up. They counseled his family to prepare for the worst--a lifetime in a care facility and very little hope for improvement.

Then Henry wanted his cell phone.

We have been celebrating all afternoon over Henry's progress, but as I write this, my heart goes out to the families of the other 90%. If only more outcomes were as promising as Henry's.

I'll keep you posted.


Annie said...

Thank you for the good news. We in health care are such poor predictors. Thankfully in Henry's case, though. Sounds like he had great care to come through this with speech and motor skills intact.

phylliso said...

Praise for God,I`m so happy for Henry & his family,phylliso

FIONA said...

Thanks Annie and Phylliso. Henry may be able to try drinking tomorrow.

As you know, Annie, swallowing is a very complicated task, and a good indicator of coordination and concentration.

I'm so happy, and afraid to be too happy.

K.J. McClelland said...

That is great news! Sounds like God again went against the doctor's odds to heal the teen. Thanks also for viewing my own new blog. I appreciated the compliment.

FIONA said...

I just spoke with his mom, K.J., and they are so thankful for their son's daily progress. He should be able to be moved to a hospital near their home next week.