Thursday, February 12, 2009


the four winners are.......

Terri Spier of magicbeanstalk

Jeanie of the marmelade gypsy

prpldy of the purple lady’s art and life

Kathe V

I was thrilled to participate in this event. So many new blogs to visit and creative people to meet.

I will get in touch with each of the winners and get a snail mail address from them.


Jeanie said...

Hi, Fiona!

I'm so very excited! I couldn't find your e-mail link on your blog to send you a message with my snail address, but if you e-mail me at, I will reply with all the details!

I notice you are a writer -- do you ever check out the Write on Wednesday post? It's fun!

I so can't wait!

FIONA said...

Jeanie, I haven't done Write on Wednesday? Do you have a link?

My email is fionakcrawford (@) gmail (.) com