Sunday, February 22, 2009

If there were Oscars for books......

I don't watch many movies. I almost never see a movie in the theater, so the Oscars don't hold my attention. This year, I think the only movie I've seen that's up for a major award is WALL E.

But I do read. I read a lot. And I was thinking, if they gave Oscars for books, who would I have nominated for books I've read in the past year? Not necessarily ones that were PUBLISHED in the past year, because I don't always get books as soon as they come out.

Who would your choice be this year for....

Best Actor (hero)

Best Actress (heroine)

Best supporting actor

Best Supporting actress

Best movie (book)

Best special effects (sf/f or thriller)

Best costumes (who SHOWS YOU how the characters look?)

& any other categories you would care to suggest?


Shellmo said...

I'm more of a reader too - I'll have to think. I've been re-reading some of the classics. My hero and best actor would be Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird.
You'll have to share your faves too!

FIONA said...

OOOOOOHHHH, I love Atticus. That is my favorite book--I reread it every summer.