Sunday, February 15, 2009


I replanted my indoor herb garden.

Mr Whiskers thinks the herbs are his personal salad bar.

Skitter Kitten in a nonskitter moment.

Scooby waiting for DH to come home. She is HIS dog. He's going to Dallas this week, and she will be a mess until he gets home.

Baby is so brave now, that he doesn't need to hide under the table. We've had him almost 10 months, and he's finally feeling at home.

The laundry room.

The office. It looks about the same as the last update. Most of the work in the past two weeks has been plumbing, electrical and duct-work. We have our electrical walk-through this week, and things will start moving along after that.

Have a great President's Day tomorrow. I hope you have the day off.


phylliso said...

Love seeing the dogs again.Baby looks alot like our Maggie.I`m working on reading the 2ond book of Karen Rose`s you sent me,can hardly put it down!phylliso

FIONA said...

Phylliso, glad you're enjoying the book. The third one is just as good.

Baby is a sweet dog. We are so happy to have him.