Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So many reasons to give thanks......

......better health, my wonderful DH and our kids, special friends and many more blessings than I can count, but I'm going to list a few new things that I am especially thankful for this year.

Our remodeling project is done and turned out better than we had hoped. It took longer, and cost more than we expected, but we love the results and hope to enjoy them for many, many years.

I had my first short story published. Yeah me! I have sent out a couple more and the novel is in the works, along with two other short stories. I know I need more "butt in the chair" time. Something to work on.

A few healthier lifestyle changes---eating MUCH better, down to one cup of coffee a day and exercising a little more. Another thing to work on.

Increased social circle. This is a big one. New people, new perspectives, and getting out more. I needed this.

Reading a wider variety of books. This has been fantastic. There are so many good writers out there and I had been missing them.

And now, some sights of the season.

What are you thankful for this year?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat post, Fiona... Sounds like your life is pretty darn good... I'm sure you are thrilled at the renovations... There's nothing better than that --once it is finished!!!!!

We all have 'things' we need to improve upon--but overall, sounds like your life is GREAT.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are going hiking for a few days---after eating all of that turkey on Thurs. We'll definitely need the exercise. ha.....


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Madame! Oh, I miss you so much; how is the family? I am so very happy to see that you are published and my husband and I just got finished reading your work! Excellent!!!!! I am so proud of you! You have inspired us to venture out and try to get our work exposed. Bravo Madame, Bravo! Bisous à tous, Anita

FIONA said...

Betsy, yes, I am truly blessed.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and a wonderful time hiking,

Madame, I'm so happy that you enjoyed my story. You NEED to be published--your writing and photography deserve a wider audience.