Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Wednesday, Christmas present edition

I usually "wrap" presents in gift bags. My kids don't think it's much fun, but I love being able to reuse the bags and hate the waste of paper.

This year, I came up with a compromise. I wrapped boxes we can reuse (mostly shoe boxes because the boys seem t outgrow their shoes every other month) and bought pretty ribbon, too.

I found some "carry out" style boxes that hold little treasures.

And a couple of large white boxes for bigger gifts.

We can store Christmas decorations in the boxes and reuse them, the ribbon and even the gift tags next year.

Everyone was happy with this idea.

Merry Christmas.

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, they look so pretty, and I see a kitty who loves them, too! Looks like a hit! :-)

Merry Christmas, Fiona!


Sheila :-)

once in a blue moon... said...

pretty pkgs, but they kitty is the real star! wishing you a very merry christmas fiona!

FIONA said...

Yes, Skitter Kitten is the Queen of the Christmas tree. As presents gather under it from our scattered family, she examines them.

Some make a cozy bed, some stack for a hiding hole, and most have a toy just for her--ribbon or bows.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh you are so creative, Fiona.... I don't ever wrap such gorgeous presents.. In fact, I use left-over paper sometimes (HA) and who knows what ribbons... AND--I love those gift-bags.. What did we ever do without them???

Love your wrapping paper and bows.... Gorgeous!!!!

Merry Christmas.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonne FĂȘte, Madame! Merci pour ĂȘtre venue...donne des calins aux gars de ma part!!! Anita

Annie said...

What a beautiful sight. I especially love those little takeout boxes with stars. Merry Christmas to you and your boys.

phylliso said...

They do look very lovely.I did the same thing with shoe boxes,I never thought of take out boxes tho,I`ll store that in my mind for next year.Hope you had a very merry Christmas & many blessing to you & your family in the coming year,phylliso

Joan Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The gift wrapping is very pretty ... I'm impressed. I've was in your part of the world in December some years ago ... very cold ... not my sort of Christmas at all.

I hope you and the family had a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

You have precious fur babies, Fiona. Pretty packages you've wrapped and a thought to the future, too.

Fancy Fodder said...

I really LOVE this "green" idea!
You're right: It is such a waste of
precious paper every year....
I almost would wrap gifts in newspaper if my family would accept it.
I'll have to have a talk with them before next Christmas :+)
Happy New Year!