Wednesday, December 2, 2009


A little WHITE WEDNESDAY whimsy from my china cabinet.

This china was my M-I-L's second-best china. The best went to the oldest granddaughter, who graciously hosts many family events. The everyday china went to my S-I-L who is married to DH's oldest brother.

I was thrilled to get this set. We use it only for special guests at small dinners--we only have 8 place settings.

When we began decorating for Christmas on Sunday, I planned to add quite a bit of white and silver to the trimmings. This is new for me. We usually have so much snow outside that the thought of more inside made me feel cold.

When I started following Annie at THE BUNNY BUNGALOW, I learned the joys of decorating with white.

Even though few of my every day decorations are white, I am planning to incorporate more white in the future.

Stay tuned for more Winter Whites this month.

5 comments: said...

I will bet your table looked so pretty with your collection. Isn't is great to have a piece of family heritage to decorate with?
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FIONA said...

Yes, Debra, It makes our special meals even more special.

I'm having friends over for coffee on Sunday, and we'll use that china.

Anonymous said...

White is certainly a very powerful symbol that brings all of the colours of life together to be celebrated.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful set of white china, Fiona. I love winter whites---but like you, haven't decorated much with them all through the years. It's neat to have your M-I-L's china. I was the only girl --and I have my mother's china and crystal --in addition to mine. Since I raised three boys, they could care less about any of my 'stuff'... Hopefully a D-I-L will want it someday--or maybe a granddaughter.


Annie said...

I love your white family china. What a pleasure it must be to eat/drink from china that has history.

Thanks for the mention!