Sunday, March 7, 2010


On a trip,
driving or flying,

be prepared and stay safe.

This article
has basic information and good advice to help you prepare for emergencies while you travel.

It's worth passing on.

I was surprised to learn that not every place in Canada accepts US health insurance. I had not thought about what to do when a natural disaster strikes when you're on vacation far from home.

This summer is going to involve several trips for our family, so I printed out the info and will keep a copy of it with me when we travel.

Are you planning any trips this year?
Have you encountered a health problem or natural disaster while away form home?
What advice to you have for vacationers?


The Muse said...

a great post!
honestly sometimes we are so excited about the trip we forget about the necessities...of this type of planning!
thank you!

FIONA said...

With the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the tsunami warnings in the pacific, the flooding and mudslides in Machu Picchu, it was a timely article.

The ease of travel and lack of threats common to travelers even 30 years ago had made me complacent.